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    Jiangxi Honghai New-style Scaffold co.,ltd is located in Gungfeng Lulin Industrial Park of Shangrao City. The company has convenient traffic and elegant environment, occupying an area of sixty thousand square meters. Jiangxi Honghai new-style scaffiold Co.,ltd is a professional architecture [More...]
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ddress of honghai scaffold industrial park: Toll station area of Guangfeng industrial park of Jiangxi
Sales hotline: 86-0793-2788888
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Honghai small-loan limited liability co.,ltd
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Dexing City Silver City Road 15, four floor of the Red Sea bank small loan Limited by Share Ltd, is the national register of formal professional loan agency, the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government Office of finance to the house payment office complex (2011) 38 date file approved the establishment, opened in May 10, 2011 . The company registered capital of 50000000, plus 50% financing 25000000, total capital 75000000 . The company on financial market financing to the field of policy and market changes in both the original insights and analysis of research, also has deep insights and a high degree of sensitivity, and with a number of banks, trust and investment and other financial institutions to establish a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Can truly provide customers with accurate, comprehensive, professional, high quality capital market solutions and benefits programs. The company of all my colleagues in the spirit of customer first, service first business philosophy, dedicated to: " 3 farming " and small and medium-sized enterprises' liquidity shortage and entrepreneurship at the moment the difficulties encountered by individuals to provide support and help.

The company has high-quality professional team, scientific management system, strict risk control system, and the senior financial expert and banking, securities, real estate, automobile, legal, taxation and other aspects of professionals in the composition of the consultant think-tank, managers have many years of bank credit, investment and financing management working experience, familiar with the bank credit examination and approval procedures, and domestic and international investment and financing channels, timely, rapid, passion for customers to provide professional, comprehensive services, to meet the enterprises of various types of fund demand.

Service tenet:

Fast, efficient, low cost to complete each one you entrust professional. To the needs of customers, customers urgent, tree brand Hong Shen, a mutual win-win.




ddress of honghai scaffold industrial park: Toll station area of Guangfeng industrial park of Jiangxi
Sales hotline: 86-0793-2788888
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